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What documents are needed to obtain a national visa?

National visas are issued by a Polish consul outside Poland; therefore, you can obtain full information about the visa procedure at the Polish consulate. Generally, an application for a national visa must be submitted on a special form. It is necessary to present a valid travel document that meets the following criteria:

·         its validity period will expire no earlier than 3 months after the expiry of the visa you apply for;

·         contains at least two blank pages;

·         has been issued within the last 10 years.

Additionally, when applying for a national visa, you should present supporting documents

·         purpose and conditions of the planned stay,

·         having sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of living for the entire period of the planned stay in Poland and for a return trip to the country of origin or residence, or for transit to a third country that will grant permission to enter, or the possibility of obtaining such funds in accordance with the law,

·         having health insurance or travel medical insurance,

·         credibility of your declarations of intention to leave the territory of Poland before the expiry of the visa,

·         other circumstances specified in the application.

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