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On what basis may a for-eign national enter Poland legally? How to prolong the permit for residence?

A foreign (“third-country”) national may enter, and stay in, Poland either based on a valid Polish or Schengen visa or under the visa-exempt traffic system (unless the visa is required anyway).

Also, the entry may be based on a permit for residence or a long-term visa granted by another Schengen Area Member State.

If this person wishes to stay longer than provided for in the instrument of entry (up to 3 months, as to the rule), this should be legalized by applying for an extension. The application should state its reasons and the term of stay may be extended by an administrative decision given based on the Law on Foreign Nationals and its implementing regulations. The application should be filed on a special form with the Province Governor with jurisdiction over the place of stay.

The extension can be temporary (up to 3 years for the holder of a permit for temporary residence) or indefinite (for the holder of a permit for permanent residence or a permit for residence of a long-term EU resident). The extension is given in the form of a residence card.

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