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Can I submit a request for information, deletion or rectification of data contained in the Register or the Schengen Information System imposing an entry ban in the event that the German police imposes an obligation to return with a simultaneous ban on entering Germany?

The Office for Foreigners provides only the following information:

  • information regarding the entry in the Register of foreigners, whose residence on the territory of Poland is undesirable or lack thereof, or;
  • information regarding an alert in the Schengen Information System issued by Poland for the purpose of imposing a ban on entering the Schengen territory.

In the event that the alert in the Schengen Information System was placed by another Member State, the Office for Foreigners cannot provide such information. In the case of alerts from the other Member States, you have the right to submit a request for information on an entry ban in the Schengen Information System. The request shall be submitted to the Bureau of Intelligence and Criminal Information of the National Police Headquarters.

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