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What do I have to do to obtain a copy of my decision issued by the Head of the Office for Foreigners?

In order to obtain a copy, confirmed to be true to the original, submit an application for issuance of a copy of the decision in the seat of the Office in Warsaw, at 33 Taborowa Street, at counter no. 4. You may also send it via post, given that the time of realisation of the sent application will be much longer than of that submitted in person. The application must include: first name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, a request for issuing a copy, statement of a purpose for issuance of the copy, submission date of the application, handwritten signature.
In the case the application is submitted by another person (attorney), it is necessary to attach the application with an original or an official certified copy of the power of attorney.

Reporting personally, you have to have a valid ID, for which you will be asked both when submitting the application and when receiving the copy of a decision.

After submitting an application, the foreigner will be informed on the amount of the stamp duty which you will have to pay. The duty may be paid at a post office of in a bank. The Office does not accept payments.

The stamp duty amounts to PLN 5 per page (is calculated in accordance with Article 1(1)(1) letter b or from part II(4) of an annex to the Act of 16 November 2006 on stamp duty);
Decisions have different page number, therefore every time the duty due mus be calculated by an employee of the Office. After making the payment of the stamp duty provide the office employee at the counter no. 4 (of send via post) with payment confirmation.

Copy of the decision will be issued immediately.

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