5 September 2016

Current Migration Situation – Cooperation Between Poland And Greece

Jakub Skiba, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration attended a meeting in Anthens with Ioannis Mouzalas, Minister for Migration Policy of the Hellenic Republic.The main subject of the discussion focused on the current migration situation in Greece and the region and the impact of the crisis on internal security issues. The Polish delegation also visited the reception center for foreigners in Elaionas (Athens).

Representatives of both governments considered the possibility of further involvement of Polish services to combat the migration crisis. Currently, Poland provides significant support to the Hellenic Republic through dispatching Border Guard officers and experts from the Office for Foreigners. From February this year the Office for Foreigners engaged 33 persons to work in Greece in conducting operations concerning procedures for migrants arriving in Greece.

The discussion focused also on issues of Polish-Greek cooperation in the field of internal affairs. Minister Jakub Skiba emphasized that Poland is very interested in continuing cooperation with the Greek services. Every year a large group of Poles visit Greece for tourist purposes, and ensuring their safety is in the interest of both countries.

The meeting in Athens was attended by Rafal Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and Border Guard.