25 November 2016

The Office For Foreigners Study Visit to Hungary

Understanding the Hungarian regulations and practices on refugee procedures and exchanging experiences was the main goal of the Polish delegation visit to Hungary. Rafał Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners, as well as representatives of the Departments of Refugee and Social Assistance and Border Guard Departments attended the three-day study visit.

During the visit the delegation of the OFF had the opportunity to see the reception center for foreigners and the detention center (guarded) in Kiskunhalas in southern Hungary. The nearby Hungarian-Serbian border crossing point and the transit zone in Röszke, where foreigners apply for international protection and then are sent to residence centers, were also visited.

Moreover, meetings with representatives of the Hungarian migration office were organized in Budapest. They discussed the Polish solutions on refugee procedures and Hungarian experiences related to the massive influx of foreigners into the country in 2015. The last point of the visit was a meeting at the crisis management center, where the Hungary’s movements in the country’s hottest period of the migration crisis were discussed.