Interviewing the applicant is an important moment in the international protection procedure. The aim of the interview is to clarify the facts of relevance to the case, as well as presenting additional explanations concerning discrepancies and contradictions in applicant’s declarations. After the interview, the foreigner receives a copy of the interview report.

The applicants will not be interviewed if:

  • it is possible to issue a decision on granting refugee status based on the evidence gathered,
  • they are not able to participate in the interview or they cannot participate in it due to their health condition or for psychological reasons within the first 6 months of the duration of the procedure.

The interview is carried out without the people on behalf of whom the applicant is acting unless their presence is necessary to clarify the case. The interview is conducted in conditions guaranteeing an adequate level of confidentiality which allows the applicant to present exhaustingly the reasons for applying for the international protection. If necessary, foreigners are provided with free assistance of an interpreter speaking a language that is comprehensible to the individual concerned. The applicant’s spouse included in the application may be interviewed as well, if he or she demands it. For more information on the interview, click this link:

If the foreigner is an unaccompanied minor or requires special care based on other grounds, they will receive special treatment during the interview. For more information on procedures in which the above groups of applicants are involved, click the link below: