In the proceedings of granting international protection, the letters are delivered to individuals to the address indicated by them or to any place where he or she might be staying.

In case of a foreigner whose place of stay is the center, the letters are delivered through the person authorized by the Head of the Office. The authorized person issues the letter to the foreigner who confirms the receipt with a legible signature containing name and surname as well as the date of receipt. In case the foreigner refuses to receive the letter, the authorized person, while issuing the letter, confirms the date of receipt, indicates the person who received the letter and the reason for the lack of a signature. In case this way of delivering the letter is not possible, the authorized person keeps the letter for 7 days. The information on the place where the letter is left and the possibility to pick it up within 7 days from the date of announcing it in a language comprehensible to the foreigner will be put on the announcements board in the center. The delivery is considered accomplished on the last day of this period.

The notification on the change of the foreigner’s place of staying and the person’s on behalf of whom he or she is acting lodged in one of the simultaneous proceedings of the Head of the Office, is considered lodged in all of these proceedings.