Kurs języka polskiego dla dorosłych w Warszawie
15 August 2020

Polish Language Courses for Foreigners

When we start

The courses in Polish as a foreign language will begin from August 27th, 2020  in Warsaw.

Who can paricipate

The adult foreigners applying for international protection in Poland and using cash benefits to cover their own costs of stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland may participate in courses.

Where the courses start

The courses will be conducted in Warsaw 2 or 3 times a week.

Additional information

The following will be provided:

  • Free teaching materials for learning Polish for all course participants.
  • Certificate of completion or participation in the course.
  • Professional care provided by children’s animators for children over 3 years during classes for parents

We encourage you to systematically participate in the classes. People with the highest attendance will receive a diploma and a prize – reimbursement of documented costs of travel tickets.

At your request, a certificate of participation in the course can also be provided.
If the current epidemiological situation does not worsen, as part of the course, it is planned to organize free trips/excursions in Warsaw or its proximity.

In case of any queries

In order to sign up for a Polish language course and obtain detailed information, please contact the organizer of the classes – Global School by phone: 500 732 854 or by e-mail: polski@globalschool.pl. At the indicated number, you can also obtain information about the place and time of the course.

Please finde the link to the tests that will qualify you to the appropriate group.

We encourage you to participate and participate in the course regularly.

Projekt „Wsparcie materialne i edukacyjne dla cudzoziemców ubiegających się o udzielenie ochrony międzynarodowej” współfinansowany z Programu Krajowego Funduszu Azylu, Migracji i Integracji