24 June 2016

GDISC conference in Rome

Migration of children, especially unaccompanied minors,  was the main subject of , organised in Rome, the annual conference of GDISC. In the two-day meeting was also attended by Rafal Rogal, the Head of the office for Foreigners.

Minors without parental care are a constant group of migrants coming to Europe. According to estimates of international organizations, more than 1 of 5 people arriving in Europe  is a child  (however, precise data are difficult to determine). The increase in number of registered unaccompanied minors in recent years raised discussions over this issue in many countries and at the international forum as well.

During the conference in Rome there was discussion, in particular, on the integration process of children, their right of residence, as well as the current situation in particular countries in the context of migration of unaccompanied minors. In addition, the issues of determining the age of the children, as well as attempts to find their families were discussed during the conference. The European Office on asylum (EASO) presented its actions in this area. The discussion involved representatives of the International organization for migration and the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

GDISC (General Directors of Immigration Services Conference) is an informal network  supporting the cooperation between immigration services in the European countries. The network consists of 28 countries – EU member States, three candidate countries (Iceland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey), potential candidate for EU membership – Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as two member countries of the Schengen area – Norway and Switzerland. More detailed information about GDISC can be found on the website – www.gdisc.org.