24 February 2021

Invitation for a foreigner – new application

The new application for entering an invitation into the invitation register applies from Wednesday, February 24th. The template for the application is defined by the ordinance of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 2 December 2020 (Polish Journal of Laws item 2347).

The invitation is a document confirming that the invited foreigner has sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of stay in Poland (including accommodation and catering) as well as the return travel to the country of origin or residence or costs of transit to a third country which will grant approval for entry. The person issuing the invitation obliges to cover the costs related to the foreigner’s stay.

The invitation does not grant the right to take up employment in the territory of Poland. The document may be presented during the visa application process or during border control.

A proper application must be lodged with the voivode in order to issue an invitation to a foreigner. Additional information may be found HERE.

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