1 March 2017

27th Meeting Of The Steering Group GDISC

A meeting of GDISC was organized in Nuremberg, mainly devoted to finding ways to optimize refugee procedures through the use of new technologies. The two-day conference was attended by Rafal Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners.

As one of the key elements of improving refugee procedures was the indication of digitizating of the process. Transform the data into digital form can influence the increased efficiency in data processing and communication. This can include, among others, central databases, electronic manage the affairs or conduct on-line interviews with foreigners. During the meeting, representatives of each country presented their experience with the introduction

During the two-day meeting action plans GDISC for the years 2017-2018 were also discussed. It was the first meeting of the Steering Group, chaired by Germany, which since 2017 years took over the management of the work of the organization.

GDISC (General Directors of Immigration Services Conference) is an informal support network for cooperation migration services of European countries. It consists of 28 EU Member States, the three candidate countries (Iceland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey), a potential candidate for membership in the EU – Bosnia and Herzegovina and the two Schengen countries – Norway and Switzerland. More details about GDISC can be found on www.gdisc.org.