1 June 2016

„Edu-Mapa dla Dzieciaka” informational comic book

In relation with the International Children’s Day Caritas Poland has prepared for young foreigners welcome package “Edu-Mapa dla Dzieciaka” (an Educational map for children). The information presented in the form of a comic book presents information about Poland in a child-friendly language. The project was implemented by Caritas Poland, in cooperation with The Office for Foreigners and Centers of Assistance for Migrants and Refugees.

A clear and attractive form of the comic book developed with a view to children, performs informational and psychological functions. Information items were translated in 3 languages: English, Arabic and Russian. Heroes of the educational map: Marysia i Jaś – take children on a journey through Poland. They talk about Polish culture and history, topography, nature, school and how Poles spend their free time. The comic book will be distributed in centres for foreigners and Centers of Assistance to Migrants and Refugees.

The Office for Foreigners – partner of the project, supported the publication of the comic book from the standpoint of reliability and correctness of inserted information, provided information regarding the current needs of the residents of centres for foreigners, statistics, and also supported the Caritas actions in the centers for foreigners.

The project „Nowy Dom Polska” (“New Home Poland”) is implemented by Caritas Poland, in cooperation with the Office for Foreigners and the dioceses of the Caritas. The initiative is co-financed by the domestic program of the Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration, the state budget and by the European Union project “Bezpieczna Przystań” (Safe haven).