21 June 2016

EASO Info Day

What is the European Asylum Support Office? What are the main directions of its activity? In particular,  the EASO Info Day in our Office was devoted to these issues.

EASO Info Day is a one-day event organized in all of the member countries of the EU. This year, EASO Info Day was organized on June, 20. This year also the Office for Foreigners participated in  the promotion of information on the activities of the European Asylum Support Office.

Due to the fact that 20th June is the World Refugee Day, during the promotion of activity of EASO in EU topics including European asylum trends were discussed.

European Asylum Support Office is the EU Agency which has been operating since 2011 (established by the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) No. 439/2010 of 19 may 2010 ncerning establishment of the European Asylum Support Office). EASO was established with the aim of developing closer asylum cooperation and support member States in the implementation of their European and international obligations on this issue. European Asylum Support Office plays the role of the asylum expert center. In addition, it supports the member States, whose systems of asylum are the most loaded.

More detailed information about EASO can be found on their website – www.easo.europa.eu.