27 May 2021

Children in the refugee procedure are returning to schools

On May 31st, all children return to traditional classrooms. This also pertains to children who are currently under the procedure for applying for international protection. There is nearly 800 of them, out of which 258 live at Centres for Foreigners. They attend 248 schools under the same conditions as Polish children.

During remote teaching, children covered by refugee procedure had the opportunity to benefit from the support provided by the employees of the Office for Foreigners. They were helping parents and children by providing explanations on the principles of using programmes and applications used for remote learning and provided assistance in contacting the schools. Internet access and Wi-Fi networks are available in all Centres. Additional places for remote learning were provided in facilities where such places were required.

Similarly, to Polish students, also the children of foreigners have received computers allowing to participate in online classes. Typically, the computers were lent out on the basis of agreements concluded with parents. For that reason, the parents are obliged to return the computers to the school shall they leave their current place of residence or change the school.

Foreigners who apply for international protection in Poland may benefit from social assistance provided by the Office for Foreigners and education is a significant element of the support. The Office also provides Polish lessons, as well as classes preparing new students to take up education in Polish schools. Moreover, Office for Foreigners also provides the students with schoolbooks and the so-called school starter kits.

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