5 January 2017

“Epidemiological Filter” – Project Finalization

In Biala Podlaska the construction of the epidemiological filter is finished. Recent works are in progress to select a medical operator who will operate the facility every day. The place of the investment was visited by a Swiss delegation who co-financed the project.

The epidemiological filter is a modern object both in terms of equipment and its concept. The investment modernized the initial health verification in the clinical and epidemiological-sanitary areas of people crossing the eastern border of Poland and entering the refugee procedure. The building has three segments: administratiion and reception, medical and diagnostic, and isolation, adjusted both to the needs of adults and children. Equipment such as ECG, parametric analyzers, portable defibrillator and medical tents will be available. The driveway for air ambulance systems will allow the decontamination of vehicles.

The epidemiological filter was created at the reception center for foreigners in Biala Podlaska. The construction worsk ere completed in time and the finished building was devolved by the contractor. Then permission was obtained for the use of the facility from sanitary inspection and construction supervision and the necessary equipment was completed. The last stage is the procedure is selecting the medical service provider performed in the filter.

The location of the investment is not accidental – the largest number of foreigners applying for international protection in Poland cross the border in Terespol and then arrive at the reception center for foreigners in Biala Podlaska. Therefore, it is very important that they receive diagnostic tests immediately after crossing the border. Directly, the implementation of the project, has local character. Indirectly, by eliminating epidemiological risk, the results of the project will be crutial to the whole country.

As part of the finalization of the project a visit of the Swiss delegation was organized in Biała Podlaska, during which the filter building was presented. The cost of the investment amounted to almost PLN 9 million, of which 85% came from the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program.